Kevin Costner claims that Robert DeNiro refused to work with him because he was “too tall for his ego.”

Kevin Costner is more than simply a big name and a huge celebrity. At six-foot-three, Costner is comfortably macho in any room that isn’t full of professional basketball players. Regardless of the scenario DeNiro relates, Costner claims that his status, not his politics, deterred Robert DeNiro from wanting to collaborate with him.

“He was embarrassed when we filmed ‘Untouchables,'” Costner explained. “He wore platform shoes so high he could barely walk.” He informed me at the conclusion of production that he would no longer deal with me because I supported George H.W. Bush. I was aware of the true cause. He favors smaller co-stars such as Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, and Ben Stiller.”

Costner said he was fired from many parts due to the presence of “big shot” DeNiro in the cast. “He really has a serious hangup about the height thing.”

DeNiro recently embarrassed himself at The Gotham Awards with a Trump diatribe that came off good but lost all credibility due to the enormity of the podium.

“The podium was huge,” showrunner Joe Barron explained, “it made DeNiro look like a midget.” Barron was instantly chastised for his abusive words regarding little people.”

“You can call us dwarfs,” Peter Dinklage stated, “but don’t hire us for movies about us.” Nobody knows why Dinklage was called, or what he’s on about.

Jim Caviezel refused to respond because he believes he is the messiah, but he also refuses to work with Robert DeNiro. Mel Gibson feels the same way. Jon Voight will be added tomorrow. It’s a shame no one is interested in Chachi and the Hercules Guy. God bless the United States of America.