Let Pike bite his elbows: rumors of an affair between Shakira and Tom Cruz spread.

They went to the Formula One Grand Prix together in Miami.

Shakira, a singer from Colombia, is thought to be having an affair with Tom Cruise, an actor from Hollywood.

There is a story about this in the Daily Mail. There were rumors that the two stars were having an affair, which is why they were seen together at the Formula One Grand Prix in Miami. For this, Tom Cruise even missed the coronation of Charles III in London.

Fans think that Shakira is getting back to her personal life after a painful breakup with Gerard Pique, a soccer player who cheated on her. Fans think that the two stars are in love with each other because of how nice the singer was to Tom Cruise in front of the cameras and how much time they spent together at an event in Miami.

Meanwhile, Gerard Pique, who used to be married to Shakira, seems torn between two choices. For example, the football player was just seen with a new woman. Piquet was in Miami with an unknown girl who gave him hugs and took pictures of him.