“Like a 12-Year-Old Teenager”: The Network Talks About Jessica Alba’s Weird Beach Photo

Nobody can deny Jessica Alba’s amazing slimness. The star shows this many times when she shows up on set.

But it looks like the actor has lost a little bit too much weight. The 40-year-old mother of three is one of the most beautiful divas in Hollywood today, but she looks like a teenager already.

The paparazzi recently took a picture of Jessica and her husband on the beach. With the right clothes on, it might not be so easy to tell who they are. Already, people are worried about how thin she is. Alba’s legs look like matchsticks, and it looks like she has no bottom at all.

Fans and people who like the actress quickly started to talk about whether or not her body is something to be jealous of. Some people say that looking this good at 40, especially after having three kids, is some kind of magic that other Jessica can only envy. Others say that Alba’s constant diets ruined her great shape and that being thin doesn’t always mean being beautiful.

Remember that the star eats well and often follows the “3+2+1” diet, which was made by a trainer in Hollywood. “For breakfast, I have an omelet made with two or three egg whites and porridge with berries, fruit, berries, or cottage cheese with peaches. I have a piece of lean meat or fish and a salad with fresh veggies for lunch. “Chicken and brown rice are what I eat for dinner,” Jessica Alba said.