Look at how Cher’s son, who was born a girl, has changed since he was a baby.

Cher, who is a well-known singer, had a daughter who grew up to be a guy. Society didn’t like it, of course, but he felt much more comfortable in a man’s body.

Chastity was the name given to the girl when she was born in 1969. Many people thought that the child would also become famous.

At age 12, the girl knew she was different from other people. At age 18, she had had enough of putting it off and came out as a lesbian. Chastity’s ideas came to life when she sang or wrote poems.

When the girl understood she needed to change, she chose to go through a sex change. After a few operations, she changed into a man. Later, the world found out that the famous singer had a son named Chaz.

He used to weigh about 120 kilograms because of hormones problems. Chaz didn’t give up and started working to lose weight. Even though he dropped almost 40 kg, he had to take drugs for the rest of his life.

Chaz is already fifty years old. He is no longer connected to the female species in any way.

Cher didn’t hate her child, but it was hard for her to get used to him. She had a hard time making this choice, but once she understood that her child would feel better in a man’s body, she felt better.

Even though people made fun of Chaz, he was able to build a private life. He is living with actress Sh. Blue right now, but there has been no news about a wedding.