Many people said bad things about this girl’s looks, and how she replied left everyone dumbfounded.

After people said bad things about her looks, Miss Everything, the Filipino writer, became a real model.

After a few months away from the screen, the writer came back with a whole new look. Now, her fans can only tell who she is by her voice.

Even though Miss Everything didn’t meet the usual beauty standards, her movies on TikTok made her very famous. People liked how honest and simple she was. But she always felt nervous about not being seen as a girl, and she wanted to be more than just someone’s girlfriend.

Photographers set up a picture for her to show that she could be a role model.

But for Miss Everything, that wasn’t enough. She didn’t like how she looked, so she chose to have several plastic surgeries, which added up to about twelve.

She stopped using social media for a while, and people noticed that her TikTok videos and YouTube vlogs were from a long time ago.

The writer hasn’t said anything about her change yet, so fans don’t know whether to be happy or sad. Before the surgeries, they fell in love with her just the way she was.

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