Meet the identical triplets, now seven years old and thriving.

Seven years ago, the unexpected news of the triplets’ birth struck their future parents in disbelief since they were already caring for a three-year-old. This birth was a remarkable occurrence that stunned scientists all across the world. The likelihood of having triplets that are identical is about one in 200 million!

The triplets rose to celebrity quickly, appearing on TV shows, being written about in publications, and being photographed for newspaper front pages. Their parents launched a blog about the vibrant everyday life of their large family in response to the ongoing public attention. Initially used as a forum for exchanging experiences, it eventually developed into a sizable revenue stream thanks to partnerships with toy and clothing companies for kids.

These seven-year-old celebrities currently like showing off their newest clothes to their loving admirers, never failing to impress them. It’s interesting to note that despite Roman, Roan, and Rocco’s distinct personalities, their mother originally had trouble telling them apart.

The oldest, Roman, is a born leader. Because he is the first child, he feels a feeling of obligation to Roan and Rocco. Roan, on the other hand, is admired for his caution and thoughtfulness. Before speaking, he muses on the advantages and disadvantages that could be involved. Last but not least, Rocco, the youngest, is the family’s main joker and is incessantly active. He can’t sit still and is constantly looking for new experiences.

The boys adore their elder sister, who also works as a trusted babysitter. The triplets, who are now in school, may have confused their instructors because it can be difficult to tell three identical kids dressed identically apart. It’s interesting to note that the parents of the triplets have been living apart for a while.

The father made the decision to move away from the family since he was exhausted with the nonstop diaper changes and lack of sleep. He was so drawn to the absence of stress and restless nights that he ultimately filed for divorce. His ex-wife, who was left to raise the triplets alone, has no grudges towards her ex-husband and has long since given up on expecting any help from him.