Model with the most unusual shapes: how this woman appeared before cosmetic surgery

Allegra Cole has always wanted to be a model. Yet, she did not believe she was attractive or lovely enough for this career. Allegra seemed to dislike practically everything about herself. As a result, in her 30s, she chose to get plastic surgery for the first time.

She developed an addiction after undergoing the first procedure. Allegra transformed herself completely. Cole looked dramatically different after six plastic operations. She has a massive bust and massive forms. Allegra, on the other hand, feels dissatisfied with herself. The woman is set to get another surgery to achieve her ideal body.

A rare photo of Allegra from her past, however, surfaced on the internet. Users saw the woman before she had plastic surgery. Cole was a beautiful woman.

She, on the other hand, turned herself into a freak. Yes, she is now content and self-assured. Allegra is stunning.

What are your thoughts? In what manner is Allegra stunning?