My pearls stuck out! Kim showed up at the Met Gala in a dress with half-breasts.

My pearls are on the surface now! Kim was seen at the Met Gala in a dress with a cutout for her bust.

The well-known reality TV star from the United States will be a guest at an important fashion industry event. Kim Kardashian got a look that was affected by the sexy pictures she took of herself in 2007.

The 42-year-old model has been seen at the Met Gala on more than one occasion. Every year, Kim spends a lot of time getting ready for the event. Kanye West’s ex-wife lost seven kilograms the last time so she could fit into an outfit that was made for her.

Karl Lagerfeld’s life and work were celebrated at this year’s Met Gala, which paid homage to his legacy. Kim paid tribute to the late fashion designer for the first time on the red carpet at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The popular woman with a big family wore her hair in a ponytail and dark, black makeup. The designer was very impressed by how many pearls Kim wore.

Kardashian showed up in a champagne-colored dress by Daniel Roseberry. The dress had an open skirt and a cutout in the front. Her breasts and legs were only partly covered, but she had dozens of pearl necklaces spread over them.

Kim wore a pair of white stiletto shoes with the outfit, and she finished the look by putting a white cape with a very long train around her shoulders. The Kardashians star’s Playboy photoshoot from 2007 was the motivation for this shot, except this time her breasts were on full show.

North, who is nine years old, went to the event with her mother, Kim. The school girl went to the Met Gala for the first time ever. The daughter of a model who had worked with Kanye West put on some lip gloss and pulled some of her hair back into a high ponytail.

North wore a pink Chanel jacket with a white T-shirt, white pants, and high-heeled boots. The little kid helped the star mother keep the dress from getting messed up.