“No longer fits in the XXXL”: Tess weighed 342 pounds, and she just barely fit into a big suit.

Tess Holliday, who weighs 342 pounds, again picked clothes that were too small for her.

The American became well-known when, even though she had a big body, she chose to try modeling and found that she did not miss her old job. Tess became well-known very quickly after she was called the most perfect model in the world.

Fans of Holliday often say that she needs to lose weight. But the model is against it for sure. Tess won’t lose weight, even though her weight on the scales is already over 155 kilos. She often says that she’s happy with how she looks and that she doesn’t have any trouble living a relaxed life like other thin people.

Because of this, the model only wears crop tops, short skirts with deep necklines, and different kinds of shorts. Even though the model, Tess, feels hot in it, many people don’t like it because it shows off all of Tess’s flaws.

At this point, Holliday wanted to put on the black jacket and shorts. The creator thought the picture should be huge, but when Tess wore it, it looked good on her.

The clothes showed off every crease and patch of fat on the legs of the model.