Not to your father. What does David Bowie’s 22-year-old daughter Iman look like these days?

David Bowie, the famed rock musician, and his wife Iman, a well-known supermodel, were previously regarded as one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous couples in the 1990s. Their union resulted in the birth of a daughter, who recently turned 22. David, on the other hand, died in 2016, leaving behind a legacy of timeless music and a family who loves him.

Have you ever wondered what the daughter of one of the 90s’ most unusual and trendy couples looks like? David Bowie fans have been keeping an eye on the young heiress and monitoring her life on social media. Despite her parents’ celebrity and unusual appearance, she has grown into a lovely young lady who recently celebrated her 22nd birthday.

Recently, fans of the late artist were buzzing over fresh images of his daughter that had appeared online. Many people expressed their love for her exquisite beauty, while others pointed out that she bears little likeness to her father. Some people noticed that her looks resembled her mother’s, implying that her genes were more prominent. Despite this, many people found her face interesting and engaging.

Internet users have been commenting on the late musician’s daughter on social media, with some suggesting that she acquired the greatest qualities from her renowned parents. Others have been drawn to her unusual appearance and have characterized her as “so dark.” Many have referred to her as the “daughter of a legend,” referring to her father’s extraordinary musical heritage. Others have paid tribute to the young woman’s parents, hailing Iman and Bowie as the most beautiful pair of all time, and nothing has changed the fact that their iconic status has left a permanent impression on their admirers’ hearts.

It’s difficult to identify which parent Alexandria most resembles, as she may have received a unique blend of characteristics from both her mother and father. However, some social media users who have seen images of her have said that her features are more reminiscent of her mother’s DNA. It is ultimately up to each person’s opinion, and Alexandria may resemble distinct features of both parents at different times.