One in a million black and white twins are born, and everyone praises their exceptional beauty.

She was surprised when a woman gave birth to one-in-a-million twins with starkly different skin tones.

Ayon and Azirah Broughton, twins, were born in April to Chantelle Broughton, 29. Her daughter Azirah was born with darker complexion and brown eyes while her son Ayon was born with pale skin and green eyes.

Chantelle claims to be white, but her maternal grandfather came from Nigeria, therefore she is actually a mixed race woman. Her 29-year-old husband, Ashton, is half Scottish and half Jamaican.

According to their mother, the twins did not initially resemble one another considerably, but as time passed, Azirah’s skin tone grew “darker and darker.”

She said the personality of the infants were “completely opposite.”

“Azirah is calm and unhurried, whereas Ayon needs a lot more care. He constantly babbles and requests to be rocked. That is not something Azirah frequently does.

But I’ve observed that they’re grinning more and glancing at each other more. Chantelle was cited by The Daily Mail as adding, “I think they’ll stay this way.

“I think their hair will also be different. Azirah will have thick, curling hair, whereas Ayon will have very different hair. There is already a distinct texture change,” she added.

“I’m very happy with how they turned out, as our own unique little family. At birth, Azirah was somewhat darker, but it was hard to tell. She has grown darker throughout the weeks to the point that she is now darker than her father, according to the mother.

“They both had quite similar faces when they were born, but she is getting darker and darker. “Her father said, “She is beautiful.

The parents are still being told by friends and relatives that “they can’t believe it.”

Chantelle regularly gets asked if both of her kids are really hers. Because they appear so unusual, “people immediately stop and exclaim, ‘Oh my gosh. “Are they both yours?” is a question I’ve heard.