Pretty, but alone. How Michelle Mercier, who is now 84, looks 59 years after “Angelica” came out.

In the 1960s, top artists and directors were inspired by the beautiful Michelle Mercier.

Michelle is 83 years old now, but you’d never know it by looking at her. It’s amazing! Her real name is Jocelyn Yvonne Mercier, and she has been in 55 movies and 3 TV shows over the course of her work. In the 1960s, though, she became very famous after playing the part of Angelica, which made her a huge star.

She was born in 1939 in the city of Nice.

Michelle’s first part was in the movie I Had Seven Daughters, where she had a short scene and said one line.

Even now, people look at the actress as a beauty standard and use her as an example of how to stay beautiful and groomed at her age without plastic surgery or a beautician.