“Rather than silicone, use cement.” How does the woman who had cement mortar poured into her face by a hairdresser look now?

People often go to great steps to look younger, including getting help from cosmetologists and plastic doctors. But not all practitioners have degrees in medicine. Raji was so eager to change that she went to the first hairdresser she saw who wasn’t a doctor.

To her shock, this “doctor” gave her shots of cement and tire sealant instead of the cosmetic mixes that should have been used. In a short amount of time, Raji’s face features started to fall, and lumps started to form on her lips.

Luckily, fate stepped in when she found a program that was made to help people who had been hurt by such incompetent practitioners. Raji slowly got her look back to something close to how it used to be, which brought her a lot of joy and relief.

The only thing that worried us was that she still had some small lumps on her face, and trying to get rid of them could hurt her health.