Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gave her lover some pictures that she almost never posts online.

35-year-old Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is one of the popular people who try to hide details about their personal lives from their fans.

The model and Jason Statham have been dating for a while, which is not a secret.

They have two wonderful kids. On the other hand, the fashion model rarely posts pictures of herself with the star and her kids online.

The famous person does, however, sometimes break the rules.

Rosie recently posted some photos from a quick trip to Antwerp on her personal social media page.

There, the two of them talked to a Belgian builder named Vincent Van Duysen.

She also got to know Axel Vervoordt, an interior designer and art trader. In the 1960s, he first became well-known when he bought a run-down street in his city of Antwerp and rebuilt it based on paintings from the 1700s.

The two were, of course, taken together.

Jason, by the way, looked like he was on the set of another action movie, which made his fans very happy.

Again, people on the internet said that Rosie and Jason were a great pair and looked good together.

Fans also hoped that in the future, Huntington-Whiteley would post more pictures with her beau.