Scandal at an Italian restaurant: Zendaya wasn’t allowed in because of her “indecent” outfit.

The star of the “Euphoria” series, Zendaya, is on a trip to Italy. The actress and her friends chose to spend the night at a high-end event in Rome that is known for having a strict dress code. The dress rule is “smart casual,” which means that people must wear clothes that are relaxed but still look nice.

Zendaya wore a black bandeau top and black cargo pants when she got there. Her hair was left loose and wavy, and she wore sunglasses to finish off her look.

Even though Zendaya had a ticket, she was not allowed into the restaurant because of how she was dressed. The star was clearly upset, and paparazzi caught her talking to the restaurant staff at the front door. So, the group decided to eat at a pizza place close by.

A spokesperson for the star tried to explain why she was dressed the way she was. “When Zendaya and her friends got to the restaurant, they saw that the group had been there before, so they left and went somewhere else to try something different.

Nothing wrong with the dress code or anything,” said that this is what Scott Newman said.