“She Flaunted Her Intimate Tattoo: Madonna’s Daughter Wore a Showy Transparent Jumpsuit”

The H&M and Mugler cooperation event featured the 26-year-old model as the honoree. Several celebrities, including Pamela Anderson, Chloe Sevigny, Neelam Gill, and others, attended the event in New York.

Lourdes made her public debut in a bold ensemble that left little room for interpretation. Madonna’s daughter separated her hair in a straight line and correctly smoothed the strands. She wore heavy makeup, including thick eyelashes and a burgundy lip pencil. The celebrity family member tried on a tight jumpsuit made of tiny black strips of cloth. The girl’s breasts were barely covered by the clothes, which exposed a tattoo in the bikini area.

Irina Shayk wore a similar outfit in preparation for the fashion show two years ago. Lourdes concealed her sexiness by wrapping a silky black shawl across her shoulders. The model’s ensemble was finished by stiletto sandals.

Lourdes is the singer’s child from her marriage to fitness trainer Carlos Leon. Madonna has maintained friendly touch with the girl’s father. Rocco, 22, and David, 17, an adopted son, are the artist’s two children with filmmaker Guy Ritchie. Following her divorce, the Frozen actress adopted three daughters: Chifundo and twins Stella and Esther.

Fans of the celebrity family are arguing about Lourdes’ appearance. “I even feel uncomfortable watching”, “Lourdes is trying to outshine her mother”, “It’s hard to understand, is this a fashion show or an adult film actor award?”, “You can show a figure in a sleek dress”, – users said.

Lourdes’ renowned mother was busy preparing her concert tour when she was at the fashion presentation. Madonna shared some rehearsal video. The Grammy winner looked stunning in a checkered top, fishnet stockings, and torn jeans. During practice, the artist seeks to protect her knees by using special padding.

The pop sensation let her hair down to show how she looks without hair extensions. Madonna posed with two little ponytails for a close-up. The singer just underwent cosmetic surgery.