She found herself homeless and had to scavenge among rubbish to make ends meet.

Loni Willison, a former magazine model and bombshell, is now homeless and sometimes spotted digging through garbage in California.

The former fitness model alleges that after divorcing Baywatch actor Jeremy Jackson, her life fell apart.

Loni was interviewed by X17 Online in May of 2023. She blamed her downward spiral on her ex-boyfriend, who she said attempted to choke her once during the interview.

“This is my previous husband. Getting married. When questioned why she was homeless, she responded, “At least I got divorced.” “He arranged for this to happen to me.”

Loni and Jeremy were married in 2012, however their marriage ended after two years. Following that, Loni had anxiety, sadness, and a mental breakdown. Her breakdown and addictions to crystal meth and alcohol led to her losing her job and home, leaving her homeless.

She has apparently been offered aid several times but has denied, citing her independence. It was said that she stated, “I don’t need help.” Everything I need is here.

Loni stated in an interview with X17 Online that she was in agonizing pain and couldn’t live indoors because she had been “electrocuted” every day for almost a year. As a result, she is unable to use appliances or be near electricity.

“I feel that because I have an understanding of electricity, I also understand wire, particular metals, fuses, and specific chemicals or batteries. “As a result, I believe my body filters that type of information,” she said.

I wouldn’t know for sure; I’d have to use a sonogram or a huge X-ray equipment to figure it out. It’s quite intense.

The Baywatch star’s ex-wife appeared to have lost several of her top front teeth.

Her ex-husband, who is active on social media, has been through some tough times after Baywatch.After entering a plea deal for allegedly stabbing a woman in Los Angeles in 2015, he was sentenced to 270 days in prison and five years probation in 2017. He has battled addictions as well.

Loni’s days are difficult, and she struggles to feed herself with the few goods she keeps in the shopping cart she constantly carries with her. She also tries to make ends meet.

The formerly lovely blonde beauty is no longer recognisable in her ragged, soiled clothing.

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