She gained weight while on vacation. Cruz’s rounded shape in a paparazzi photo did not sit well with fans.

Penelope Cruz, 48, is widely considered as one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous and desirable actresses. Penelope is, I feel, one of the most stunning women in Western cinema, and I believe our readers would agree.

Penelope’s fans were enraged by her recent paparazzi images. According to her fans, Penelope has substantially matured and evolved beyond recognition.

“I used to be very thin. “What’s the matter with her?”, “We’re all getting older,” “The woman’s relaxed. “She is on vacation.”

“She appears tolerable for her age in my opinion,” “She’s lovely,”

“How I like this actress”, “Chic Spaniard”, “Impeccable woman”, write Network users. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.