She got over anorexia with the help of a simple chocolate bar. Two years ago, she only weighed 64 pounds.

Anna Windley, who lived in Britain and was 21 years old, ate only one sandwich every five days. She weighed 64 pounds, looked like a skeleton covered in skin, and was afraid of food. It’s likely that the girl wouldn’t have lived, but a simple piece of chocolate once saved her life.

Anna has always been an extremely busy person. When she was in school, she played sports, went to many events, and was an excellent student. But, even though she was so lively, she was fat from birth and often got mean comments from her peers about it. Anna was tired of being teased, so she decided to lose weight.

She started to seriously limit what she ate. She didn’t eat much meat, sweets, desserts, or dairy products, and she only ate one sandwich every five days. Anna’s “diet” put her in the hospital a lot, where she was given the “anorexia” label. Doctors started to warn the girl that she was setting herself up for a heart attack at the rate she was going. She knew what would happen, but she felt powerless to change.

“I just wanted to be slimmer,” she says.

Anna got so sick that she couldn’t even look at food, and the smell of food scared her. When she was at a party and someone offered her a pie, she couldn’t stand it. She would run to another room and do anything to avoid food.

But then one day everything changed, and regular chocolate was a big part of this.

Anna used to want sweets, but she thought she would eat too much if she ate them. Still, she chose to give them a try. Later, when she got on the scale, she saw that she hadn’t gained any weight, so she started to give herself treats more often.

“It was silly to think that a piece of chocolate would make me gain weight right away,” says the Briton. “But after that happened, I realized that eating isn’t as scary as I thought it was.”

Anna was able to get over one of her biggest fears because of this show, and she slowly went back to eating normally.

Now, the young woman weighs 99 pounds, lives a healthy life, and shudders when she thinks about that time in her life.

It took her two years to get her weight back to a healthy level. Anna is now a beautiful young woman with a stunning body.