She had twins who were born with hair as white as snow. Look at them now…

Every child is different in some way. But there are some children whose birth is such a rare event that writers from all over the world can’t stop thinking about it. So it was with Catalina and Virginia, two twin girls from Argentina. The babies were born to a normal family, but pictures of them went popular on the Internet right away. Jorge Gomez and his wife were both very excited for the girls to show up. They were crazy about their son, but they wanted the family to grow. So, when the couple found out they were going to have twins, their happiness was through the roof. But the parents didn’t know how strange their babies would be when they were born.

Their parents were very surprised by how different their kids were. At 36 weeks, the twins were born early. Even so, the kids were healthy and the right size. But it was clear right away that the babies were very strange! They got the attention of the doctors at the Argentine hospital right away. People all over the world are crazy about photos of babies. Catalina and Virginia are twins, and they are both albinos. They have very light skin and hair that is all white. When you think about how the girls’ parents are very dark-skinned Argentinians, this is a very striking difference. Even though Jorge and his wife’s babies are nothing like them, they have always loved and accepted them for who they are.

“This is a blessing for us,” say the parents. Albinism is a rare genetic disease that strikes one in every 20,000 children. It’s interesting that this number varies by race. So, about one out of every 3,000 African babies born is an albino. The fewest of these children live in Europe. Both parents must have this gene for an albino child to be born. Because of this, the event is thought to be so rare and special. Even stranger is that not just one albino child, but two, were born to an Argentine family. But this changes more than just the way the baby looks. Albinos often have bad eyesight, weak bones, and can’t stand being in the sun.

Children who are different and have white hair and skin are often made fun of. Also, some people think that albinos are dumb. All of these common ideas about people are not true. Albinos are just like any other child, and they should be loved by their parents no matter what. Jorge and his wife love their children very much. Girls are a little harder to raise than other children. Catalina and Virginia need to be kept out of the sun because its rays are bad for babies’ skin. They also need to get vitamin D daily, since their bodies don’t make it well on their own. All of these things are important, but the love of their parents is the most important thing a child can get.

And Catalina and Virginia have no reason to be upset about her being gone. As soon as the girls were born, the media all over the world were fascinated by them. But soon, people forgot about the kids. Now that the twins are 4, they are fine and healthy. Relatives of the girls recently shared pictures of their happy babies wearing clothes that a family friend made just for them. Catalina and Virginia both have hair as white as snow and skin as smooth as marble. One of the kids is wearing orange glasses to keep the sun from hurting her eyes.

In every other way, they are just normal girls who are very loved by their parents. Children who are different in some way don’t usually know it until they are older. If a child feels loved by his or her parents, he or she has no trouble talking to other kids. That’s why it’s so important to love your kids, even if they are very different from the rest. Catalina and Virginia are very lucky to have been born into a family that loves and cares for them, so their albinism doesn’t cause them any extra issues. Friends, that’s all! Share, discuss, and give likes.