She has Elizabeth Taylor’s look. Fans were thrilled by Katie Holmes’s new photo shoot in the style of 1960s movie divas.

After her split from Tom Cruise, star Katie Holmes has focused all of her time and energy on taking care of her daughter, Suri.


It’s not unusual to see them walking around the streets of New York, where Katie likes to take the subway. People don’t respond too much to the well-known actor because they know she is just living her normal life.


But it’s been a long time since she last made her fans happy with beautiful photos taken by professionals.


That’s exactly why Katie’s latest Instagram pictures got so much attention. She poses for the camera with ease, giving off a casual charm. In the black-and-white photos, she is wearing a beautiful bodysuit with tiny chains and rings that make her look very stylish.


Her beautiful curls are the right finishing touch.


The unplanned picture shoot, which was based on old movies, brought back the charm of French movies from the 1960s and made Katie look like a movie star.


Fans were captivated by the way she looked, and they left hundreds of notes under each picture. Some people even said that Katie Holmes was like the famous Elizabeth Taylor.