She is a living doll: This is how the girl who captured the world with her beauty now appears.

Adorable newborn Amaya Jade has already taken over social media. The young lady was quickly labeled a “living doll.” And it’s all due of the strange appearance. Amaya has lengthy lashes, a unique eye color, adorable curls, and lovely cheeks. Photos of the girl quickly went popular on the internet.

There were many who did not believe in Amaya’s beauty. Many people assumed that the girl’s mother glued fake eyelashes to her daughter. This, however, is not the case. After all, Amaya’s brother and younger sister acquired this trait from their parents as well. The kids were simply extremely fortunate to have won the genetic lottery.

By the way, a photo of the grown-up Amaya recently surfaced on the Internet. The girl has not lost her beauty, but she has changed dramatically.

Amaya will grow into a pleasantly lovely young lady in the future.