She only stands 102 cm. What does the shortest model in the world, who was made fun of in school, look like?

Drew Presta, an American, has been picked on by her peers because she is tall. Drew is now a well-known model and writer who has shown the world that nothing is impossible.

The beautiful woman is only 102 cm tall and is 27 years old. Obozrevatel says that this doesn’t stop her from posing for fashion photos in lingerie or even without clothes on.

As a child, Presta had to deal with being mean to by her friends and the boys in the yard. She was born shorter than everyone else in her family. Few people in the small town where the “inch girl” grew up had achondroplasia, so few people could relate to what Drew was going through. “They made fun of me and called me mean names because I stood out,” the model said. “They made fun of me and called me mean names because I stood out.”

But Presta could not be broken by being put down or hearing mean words. Drew’s family didn’t rush to protect her, so she decided to leave a place where she wouldn’t be accepted for who she was. As the child grew up, she moved to Los Angeles and started modeling to challenge beauty standards in the fashion industry and encourage people who are going through similar things to go after their dreams.

“I want everyone to feel welcome in the world of fashion. The beauty says on her blog, “I want anyone to be able to walk down the runway like a model, whether they are in a wheelchair or on crutches.” “I want to show with my modeling pictures that you can be hot no matter what size you are. “You can be super tall, average height, or even only 1 meter tall and still be cute and sexy,” says Presta.