She sticks to her own personal style: Gaga was photographed in her underwear on the streets of Los Angeles by paparazzi.

Lady Gaga, 35, understands how to draw attention to herself. She is well-known for her outlandish and provocative costumes and public appearances. She has a vibrant style in addition to her wonderful songs.

Recently, the international artist startled her fans by appearing in her underpants. Many thought she looked weird and extravagant in her daring attire. Yet the attractive celebrity doesn’t care because it’s her own style.

“She has a gifted personality, but her actions are outlandish,” she acts like a teenager,” she can do the impossible for fame,” and “What can she teach our generation?” “Her voice is amazing, but her demeanor is strange,” someone noted in the comments. “Gaga may let her everything and it is unquestionable.”

What are your thoughts about the fantastic singer? Do you like her talent and appearance?