She’s so happy to be her mother: What Meg Ryan’s 14-year-old daughter, whom she adopted in China, looks like today.

Meg Ryan is a well-known American actress who has won the love and admiration of people all over the world for her work in movies.

Few people know that this amazing woman became a mother 14 years ago when she adopted a girl. Ryan said that she found her daughter in China, since the process of adoption in the U.S. is usually more complicated and takes longer.

Ryan was a wonderful mother to her adopted child, whom she called Daisy, and was always there for her. The actor changed her schedule and said no to interesting projects so that she could spend more time with her daughter. At the moment, our main character loves the deep relationship she has with her daughter, which is based on equal respect and love.

Ryan’s only remaining worry is that she hasn’t been able to gain the trust of her son, Jack, who is still living with his father after his parents’ split. Even so, Jack keeps a good relationship with his sister.

And what do you think about the skilled actress’s choice? Does she look like a mom who cares and loves her kids?