Stunning legs and a trim waist! Shakira donned a scanty gown.

A slim waist and gorgeous legs! Shakira dressed scantily.

Shakira’s life is starting to take on bright hues once more. Since she was able to successfully get past her divorce from football player Gerard Pique, the singer can frequently be spotted out for walks in the most outrageous pictures.

Shakira’s life is once more vibrant and full of color. Now that the singer has fully recovered from her divorce from athlete Gerard Pique, she is usually seen out for walks in the sexiest pictures.

Recently, the pop diva and several buddies were spotted in Miami. Shakira exhibited her toned body in a blue suit that also highlighted her beautiful legs and tiny waist.

She added a pair of big, black spectacles to complete her look. It’s hard for us to believe the singer is 46 years old. We can state with confidence that she was the only one to benefit from the divorce.

Recall that this summer, Shakira and Gerard Pique called it quits on their 12-year relationship. According to them, the singer took the initiative to begin the gap. She ended her relationship with the football star because of his many betrayals.

Shakira and her boys Sasha and Milan were traveling to Miami after they split ways. Gerard delayed the move because he didn’t want to transfer his heirs to a foreign country. In the end, they were able to put a stop to the fight.