“Swollen and with deep wrinkles”: This is how the first Hollywood beauty looks now.

One of Hollywood’s most beautiful women in the past was the star of the movies “Dynasty” and “Melrose Place.”

Heather Locklear had perfect face features that made her easy to recognize, lively, and even special. The pretty woman had a lot of fans, and she couldn’t get away from the people who wanted her autograph.

So many people liked her that it turned her head. Along with star disease, breaks in work started. Locklear stopped getting offered parts by producers, and after that, she was pretty much out of work.

Heather’s sudden fall from fame to obscurity hurt her so much that she started to abuse drink and drugs. The star could walk down the street with her hair dirty and not combed.

The show’s main character is now 61 years old. Heather has been trying to take care of herself for the past few years, but she can’t seem to get rid of her dangerous habits. The actor has changed so much that no one would recognize her. Still, not drinking or using drugs helped Locklear get back to work, even if it was in low-budget, second-rate shows.

So a picture was taken of the “Dynasty” star when she went to the store. The Hollywood star wore a black cap, a black T-shirt, and tight shorts that were long and tight. Locklear’s body has changed a lot, but she looks pretty good for her age.

When fans saw this picture, they were shocked and couldn’t believe what they were seeing.