The 82-year-old actor who played Harry Potter posed for the magazine cover without anything on.

Remember who played Professor Stable in the first Harry Potter movie? Miriam Margulies, who is 82 years old, shocked her fans when she showed up on the cover of a popular fancy magazine with nothing on. We used to tell young people who took these kinds of photos that they were trying to stand out.

What about the older artists who remember themselves in such an honest way?
Today I’d like to show you how Margulis’ photo shoot turned out, and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the part below.

“Why do they have so little respect for themselves and their gray hair?” “Oh, why?” “Young, untalented actors get cheap PR because they don’t have any talent.” Where are you going? “, “I don’t even want to look at that,” “A lot of sadness,

“Why do you do that?”, “Are you being paid? Why put yourself through this?” In the comments below this post, people are confused.

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