The appearance of a girl born without a nose today

Tessa has finally arrived! She is four years old and was born in Ireland. She’s been different from other kids from birth since she doesn’t have a nose. Her mother discovered the abnormalities while pregnant. The fetus was developing with this uncommon pathology, according to ultrasound data. Doctors recommended that the mother terminate the pregnancy, but she refused. She was initially optimistic that she and her husband could nurture such a special child and help her develop into a full-fledged human being and contributing member of society.

Tessa’s mother said she will continue to believe that modern technology will fix this odd predicament.

It should be mentioned that the girl has had many surgery to restore her nose in the past. Tessa is deaf and has vision and cardiac problems.

Nevertheless, as a result of the earlier surgery, the girl developed another significant ailment: she turned blind in one eye.

She will require numerous additional treatments before she can live a normal, full life.

Tessa is dressed in this outfit today. She is upbeat and often grins.