The best Senior Boogie Woogie dancers of the year

They’re so great! Age is just a number, especially if you want to dance and are an active postpositive major. A jar made by the winner of the prize for the best senior Boogie Woogie dancing couple of the year.

The heavy metal starts right away, and the pair does a series of complicated terpsichore moves and daring spins that steal the whole show. The meeting is so interested that they can’t take their eyes off them.

The couple thinks of themselves as beginners, but their performance was on par with what you would expect from a show like “Dancing with the Star.” Their moves impressed the experts as well as viewers all over the world. The two dancers’ faces showed that they appreciated the attention they were given by the meeting.

Many people in the meeting want Vyacheslav and Olga to teach them what they know, and this couple knows how to do the “Boogie Woogie” dance move.