The boy, who was ignored by everyone, finally got a nice family thanks to luck.

The nice lady Nicky made a cute family and had a cute little girl. She had one dream, though: to adopt a child and give him a good life. She was lucky to have a smart husband who agreed with her choice, and the two of them went to a shelter together to adopt a child.

Little Rustam was so happy to be adopted, and fate was kind to him. But there was a small “problem”: he was born with a few birth defects. He was born with birth defects on his face, couldn’t eat on his own, and was missing one of his legs. But these “flaws” didn’t matter much to the family who was determined to take the boy. Nicky wasn’t scared when she first saw him. Instead, she thought about how to raise the child well and give him the love and care he needed.

So, one year has passed since Rustam joined the lovely family. His parents have taught him to get through hard times and not feel bad about how he looks. He knows that a person’s soul is the most important thing about them. The baby now has a prosthetic leg and can walk on his own. He also worked with a speech coach to improve the way he talks. Now he feels like a whole person and doesn’t have any problems with his situation.

We are sure that he will do well in life because he has smart, caring parents who do their best for him.