The first time the eyes of identical twin girls meet, it’s a priceless moment.

Aren’t twins very interesting? Here are two people who look exactly the same but are very different in real life. It must also come as a big surprise to their parents. Even one of their kids was a big surprise. They are, however, in good company. At least one twin is born in the U.S. every 30 births. (More multiples, like triplets or quadruplets, are less usual.)

One mother wanted to remember this special bond between her children. She made a movie of her two newborn girls soon after she brought them home. It looks like these twins are talking to each other! The girls are making cute expressions. Some of the sounds they make might be words. It sounds like it will be a very important talk.

It’s not unusual for twins to make up their own language. This is a different way for them to talk. They are the only ones who can understand what their twin is saying, after all.

It must be so much fun to have a twin. You have a friend who is always there for you and who is a lot like you. These babies sure are having a great time together. Look how happy they are! The twins can’t help but laugh and smile at each other. Even more, they try to hold hands.

You can tell each baby apart by what they are wearing to bed. One twin is dressed in a cute outfit with polka dots. Her sister has a cute pink flower-patterned onesie. Aside from that, their looks are almost the same. That’s so cool! Their mom gets to be happy twice as much. Every time her kids do something together, it makes her happy twice as much. This will only get worse as her daughters get older.

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