The first woman in the world to carry and give birth to eight kids. Look how these 8 kids have grown up!

Natalie Suleman was the first woman in the world to carry and have 8 live kids. This happened in 2009. She already had six children at the time, and they were all different ages.

When people found out that the woman was expecting eight children, she started getting calls from talk shows. The woman feels great after giving birth more than once. She spends most of her time taking care of her kids and living a healthy life.

44-yeal-old Suleman continues to do sports. She says that sports and healthy eating give her the drive and energy she needs to get through life.

A good way of life helps keep your emotions and health in balance. The older children of Suleiman also play sports, just like their mother.

“I think sports help us grow not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually. It helps me get things done. The woman said, “I’m happy that my kids follow my lead and care about living a healthy life.

The woman has an Instagram page where she posts pictures of her everyday life. She has more than 240 thousand fans.