The girl with the biggest lips enlarged them 27 times before showing the results.

During time, the concept of beauty has undergone substantial change. Women try to mimic one another but end up looking more alike as a result. As you move through the streets, you notice the same bloated lips, fake noses, and other physical characteristics. Furthermore, a lot of people go too far in their quest for perfection without even realizing that not everything that is grand and stunning is desirable.

For instance, 22-year-old Andrea Ivanova from Bulgaria thinks she is Barbie because of her 27-fold wider lips.

But look at these pictures! She’s either a creepy and humorous cartoon character or a genuine Barbie.

When she was 20 years old, she began undergoing numerous cosmetic procedures in an effort to resemble a Barbie doll.

Despite not being in the Guinness Book of Records, Adrea has the biggest lips ever. She has already received 27 injections of filler.