The iconic “Dirty Dancing” routine had everyone on their feet in a matter of seconds after a guy held a woman gently on the ice.

“The Time Of My Life,” a fantastic song from the film Dirty Dancing, has been covered by many different artists.

On occasion, the song will play at weddings, gatherings, and other events, and once it starts, it is difficult to stop listening.

However, what you’re about to see is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in ice dancing.

Professional ice skaters usually practice for several years and may put in lengthy training sessions every day, seven days a week, to attain their goals.

But it’s all worth it when they enter the arena and are greeted with love and devotion by the crowd.

You’ll get goosebumps watching these talented skaters maneuver to the tune of “The Time of My Life” as well!

Although Stefania and Ondrej no longer skate together, their routine from a few years ago still allows us to see their amazing ice dance.

This is the cause of the recent attention and virality the video has received! They work well together. It’s difficult to ignore their chemistry on the ice.