The phrase “20-year-old girls dream of such a figure!” Fans are inspired to work out at the gym by Demi Moore, 60, wearing a colorful bikini.

60-year-old Demi Moore is well aware of how challenging it is to keep a desirable physique as one ages.

The actress has long desired to entirely give up any diet while yet maintaining her weight.

She only eats when she is hungry since she eats instinctively. The star also depends on the “right” carbs.

Demi doesn’t disregard sports. She started to prioritize sports in her life. She works on both gaining muscle and endurance.

“I do yoga, surf, and swim frequently. In order to strengthen my legs and improve my flexibility, I also work out with free weights, the celebrity previously revealed in an interview.

And it appears that her tactics work well together to provide a good outcome.

For instance, Demi just published a new photo of herself posing in a pink bikini.

The actress barely covered her curves with the yellow shirt she tossed on top. Numerous people were inspired to visit the gym by one of these photos.

Even Bruce Willis’s present spouse did not show apathy.

“It’s perfect for you!” Emma composed. She was echoed by the other Internet users who said, “You look just amazing,” “20-year-old girls dream of such a figure,” and “So slim!”