The remarkable story of Siamese twins What are the Hensel sisters doing now?

Unique infants were born in 1990. The Hensel sisters are unusual in that they are Siamese twins. Parents were frightened to send their children to the separation operation, therefore they made no changes.

Doctors did not expect a lengthy life for the sisters from the start, but they were able to overcome adversity and are now totally healthy persons. Abby and Brittany had become so accustomed to one other that they flatly refused to be separated.

They have a very distinct personality and view on life. Abby is a homebody who prefers to spend her leisure time at home, whereas Brittany enjoys walks and loud environments.

Girls used to fight over various hobbies when they were younger, but they’ve since learnt to compromise. Disagreements arise when the sisters select clothing for themselves.

Girls now work as primary school instructors. They each have their own license, but they are paid together.

We wish the beautiful girls a long and happy lives. They will undoubtedly be successful and happy in the future.