The View Sets a New Record for the Lowest TV Ratings in History

For years, ABC’s “The View” has been steadily declining. The show’s ratings began to fall with the retirement of Barbra Walters, who was quickly succeeded by the highly regarded Elizabeth Hasselbeck. This week, it set a new low, shattering the all-time low for lowest television ratings between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

“It’s pretty embarrassing for the hosts,” Executive Producer Joe Barron said. “They believe their show is popular and deserving of every award imaginable.” They can’t see the truth of their predicament because of the blinders they’re wearing.”

It’s become so terrible that even award shows are canceling. The Daytime Emmys will not accept nominations this year because to Whoopi’s opinions on the Israel-Hamas conflict. Sunny believes that no one should forget Ukraine. And Joy, in what was probably the biggest TV gaffe of the year, likened playing football to joining the Klan.

“None of that sat well with their fans,” Barron said, “and they’re seeing the end results now.”

Tara Newhole, an ALLOD Entertainment Reportalator, investigated the matter and discovered that most of the buzz surrounding the show’s collapse is overstated. “Yeah, it’s all pretty much a crock of doody that you made up, Flagg,” she replied, adding that “The View is and has been the number-one show on daytime television for…ever.” It has a devoted and consistent audience and covers a wide range of themes, not all of which are contentious or political.”

Newhole appears to be confusing her actual life with her online life. In actuality, The View is in chaos, Whoopi is fired on a regular basis, and they are always being sued. It’s considerably more fulfilling than paying attention to what’s actually going on, especially when they win yet another award.

Whoopi, EGOT or not, is terrible because she holds contrasting ideas to those of our religion. She needs to be deported. God bless the United States of America.