They were unconcerned about their age: how the couple, who have a 35-year age difference, raised a lovely family and now reside

Some people may find Linda and her partner Jay’s love story unusual. Nonetheless, despite their 35-year age difference, the pair is really happy together. They first met at work, and both of them knew they had found their real love. They had a lot to talk about, which may appear weird, such as hobbies, music, and art. After some time, the couple decided to marry.

Their relationship sparked a heated debate among some who did not believe in their true love. Everyone was perplexed by the news and left various remarks under their photos. Linda was noted as “looking like his grandmother” by everyone. Yet, the couple has produced a large and loving family, and they are happy together.

They don’t have children, but they never want to be apart. Jay is firmly standing next to Linda, assisting her in everything. Despite her health issues, the woman is confident that her loved one will never abandon her.

So, what are your thoughts on the couple? Is it feasible to ignore the age difference?