This is how she looks now. She is the singer Cher’s daughter. She changed into a man 9 years ago.

Sherilyn Bono Allmanshe is the name Cher was born with. When her daughter was born in 1869, she became a parent. The girl’s name came from the main character in the movie.

When their daughter was born, Cher’s husband Sonny Bono, who sang a duet with her, was very happy. Even though he had a lot going on, he tried to spend as much time as he could with his family.

Chastity was a quiet and shy child. Her weight was a problem for her, so her friends often made fun of her.

Chastity wore jeans and shirts more and more because it was hard to find nice clothes for women her size.

She soon realized that clothes and makeup didn’t interest her at all.

Cher’s daughter said that now that she is an adult, she doesn’t like guys. She wants to know more about women who run for office.

In 2010, a court ruled that the girl was actually a boy and gave her a new name. Chastity is now officially a guy. She is now known by the name Chaz Bono.

Nine years have passed since the change. During this time, Chaz got used to his new job and way of life.

Chaz had a hard time getting where he wanted to go, but he learned a lot of interesting things along the way.

He used what he knew to make a movie about his life in 2011 that was a documentary. A book about his life was also written by him.