Today’s image of the girl who rose to fame for her voluminous eyelashes is one of natural and remarkable beauty.

It is incredibly difficult to find a photo online today that hasn’t been altered using Photoshop or a filter. Social media users frequently post photos of themselves with girls who are not the same in real life in an effort to make themselves look more attractive.

As a result, no one thought the picture of a young girl with long eyelashes that surfaced on Instagram was of a genuine child. Although the newborn is incredibly attractive, her lengthy eyelashes stand out in particular. When her eyelashes began to grow when she was just 6 months old, nobody believed they were real.

Amaya, our protagonist, is a 4-year-old already. She had no idea the commotion this publishing would cause when her mother first shared a photo of her daughter.

Many people commented on the photo under it, saying things like, “Definitely photoshop,” “Well, a doll, not a child,” and “Wow, how pretty,” but in reality, the youngster looks exactly like the picture: dark, with a little nose, bowing lips, and large gray-blue eyes.

Several people believed that the parents did it on purpose to draw attention to their social media profile. The girl’s mother, however, persuades that she isn’t familiar with Photoshop and wouldn’t even attach eyelashes to a youngster.

Amaya, however, stands out as a genuine beauty and has the talent and potential to succeed as a model.