Unique and unforgettable, these 8 historic photos will illuminate the globe in a new light.

Looking at a single photograph from the past may often reveal surprisingly detailed information and insights. All the honesty, all the sincerity, all the exciting events and sights that we didn’t have time to catch are here in these images. Fine art has given us more than we realize, and though we may never learn the identities of these photographers, their work will live on in indelible form.

Wonder, Stevie. Children’s Blind School, 1970

In 1992, Obama tied the knot.

1934: The Golden Gate

The first learner is a black man. 1948

Mercury with his mother in 1947.

Location: 1982, Manhattan’s Core

The late Princess Diana with her son, Prince Harry.

Donald Trump and Michael Jackson. Flying private jet, 1989

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