Users said bad things about Victoria and David Beckham’s daughter, who is 11 years old. This is why:

David Beckham and his daughter went to the Teatro La Fenice in Venice not too long ago.

David likes to stick to the classics, so he wore a nice black suit.

The simple look was finished off with stylish sunglasses.

But Harper Beckham didn’t follow the rules when she put on sneakers on the floor over her evening dress.

Of course, a lot of people on the Internet didn’t get this.

Don’t forget, though, that the girl is only 11.

So, it’s not quite right to say that she had to wear shoes with high heels.

But people who said bad things kept doing it.

A lot of people also didn’t like Harper Beckham’s dress.

But this doesn’t come cheap.

Western media found out quickly that it cost $2,000 very quickly.

But many people still say it looks like an old curtain.

And, of course, the way an 11-year-old girl looked was talked about.

As usual, some people said that she was already too fat and that she needed to do something about it right away.

Harper has to take care of her looks because she is the daughter of people like her parents.

“It’s great that parents don’t try to make their kids look a certain way!”

Luckily, not all of the comments were so rude.

So, most of the support went to Harper Beckham:

“It’s most important that the kid is happy!

She’ll lose weight fast.

“Good girl!”,

“I don’t know why you’re trying to find things wrong with her. It doesn’t make you prettier,”

“Harper wore what she thought was right,”

“It’s great that parents don’t force their ideas of beauty on their children,”

“I don’t understand why adults are so hard on kids. I want to meet you when you’re 11.”

So, some users were angry when they saw new pictures of David Beckham.

However, it’s hard to say that this judgment is fair.

Still, this is hardly a bad way for Harper Beckham to leave.

Still, it’s clear that she tried to look nice, and she did a good job of it.