What an amazing metamorphosis for the sake of a dream shape: how does this lovely pair seem today?

This lovely couple created a true marvel. They were both overweight before they met and fell in love with each other. Lexi Reed weighed about 481 pounds when she married Danny, while her lover weighed 280 pounds. This, however, had no effect on their relationship. Both like eating, especially fast food.

Yet, as time passed, they began to consider their weight. It became embarrassing for them to appear in public. The final stage was when the couple chose to think about the child. However, they were experiencing health issues. The young people then determined that they needed to modify their way of life.

It all began with food. They began to consume more veggies and fruits. Then sports were introduced. Cardio training was prioritized. In addition to the training facility, the pair now maintains an active lifestyle that includes hiking, cycling, and rafting. It’s been less than two years, and you can’t even tell who they are in the shot!

The pair shares encouraging before and after photographs on social media, as well as their methods for improving themselves in a healthy way. They hope that this will help someone discover the courage and determination to transform their lives for the better.