What Bill Gates Looks Like Now That He’s Big and Old, Walking With His Daughter

Early in May, after 27 years of marriage, Bill and Melinda Gates made public their decision to separate. Since then, the story has been covered by several media outlets across the globe.

People on the Internet jumped to conclusions about what led to the couple’s breakup, despite the fact that they had stated their desire to live apart correctly and had not accused each other of anything.

A number of people have stated that Bill routinely harassed and cheated on his wife. Some people think Melinda initiated the divorce because she wanted out. The divorce process has officially begun. The financial adviser to Bill Gates has previously handed his wife $3 billion worth of stock in a US corporation.

Melinda invested in a firm that makes machinery for farming, building, and chopping down trees. She also gained ownership in the company that ran the national rail system, a major auto dealership, a beverage giant, and a major television network in Mexico.

After that, Melinda stands a good chance of earning something besides a significant quantity of money. The share comes with a private plane, real estate, and many mansions in addition to a 130-million-dollar art collection. Even the notebook that Leonardo da Vinci kept in the 15th century!