When a veteran in need of groceries turns around, he hears a customer say, “It’s our turn.”

Everyone goes through horrible times and difficult moments in their lives. It should go without saying that when we do, we deserve the love and support of people around us to help us get back on our feet.

This is especially true for the brave individuals who serve their nation selflessly.

Unfortunately, far too many veterans suffer difficulties after leaving the service. Some troops discover that their benefits are insufficient to sustain them unless they have served for a certain number of years, while others are unclear what to do once they arrive on Civvy Street.

Larry Robeson is all too aware of this. Larry, a Vietnam veteran who couldn’t afford even the most basic necessities, was allegedly out of luck and didn’t know where to turn.

But, as destiny would have it, he was on his way to pay for people’s groceries in a Las Vegas grocery store when he came upon a Fox 5 Surprise Squad.

Larry was struggling financially, so he went to the store with his buddy Stephanie, a crippled veteran. When a Fox 5 reporter reached Stephanie, she stated that she had spent her last $50 on food for her dogs and herself and was unsure what to do.

Surprise Squad reporter Dave Hall was delighted to inform Stephanie that he and his colleagues had taken care of her groceries, and Stephanie was grateful for the considerate gift.

Larry, who was standing silently behind Stephanie, was quickly seen by Dave. Larry, Stephanie’s husband’s buddy, had founded the Bones for Blankets organization many years before. What is the club’s mission? to provide blankets to homeless veterans who have served their nation but have been abandoned on the streets.

Larry founded the organization in response to the hypothermic deaths of three other troops. He was determined that no other soldier faced the same fate.

He went on to claim that because Stephanie’s husband drove a truck and was constantly away from home, he kept Stephane company and helped her make ends meet despite the difficulties her condition posed.

Larry told the Surprise Squad, “No veteran should be going through what she’s going through.”

Dave Hall was certain that Larry would not leave the shop without the Surprise Squad members covering the cost of his goods, even if that was possible.

Larry simply wanted chocolates and dish soap, but Dave said, “You served us.” It is now our obligation to assist you.

Larry was therefore free to roam the store and make whatever purchases he chose. Dave and the others paid Larry’s bill, which came to $278, leaving him to wipe away tears.

He went on to say, “I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 13, so this is just like overwhelming.”

In the video below, you can see Larry’s encounter with the Surprise Squad: