“Where has that seductive girl gone?” Alicia Silverstone, gray and plump, appears to be 46 years old.

Is 40 truly such an old age these days? Especially with medical and cosmetic advancements. Consider Halle Berry, who, at 54, still looks like a girl.

Alicia Silverstone, on the other hand, does not appear to want to age. The ’90s beauty is noted for her vivid golden hair. For her efforts in “Clueless,” Alicia was also nominated “Most Desirable Woman” at the MTV Movie Awards.

Regrettably, the “most desirable” now resembles an elderly lady. The actress was seen on a walk in Los Angeles the other day, and her appearance was not good: her hair was extensively grayed, her face wrinkled, and her body was blurred, with no evidence of a waist. Alicia, on the other hand, appeared to be pleased with her appearance.

Silverstone’s job isn’t all that horrible either. While she hasn’t had many high-profile roles in recent years, she recently completed production on the post-apocalyptic thriller SHTF.

Aside from her work in Hollywood, the Golden Globe candidate is an outspoken proponent of animal rights. The actress is a strong advocate for vegetarianism and has created cookbooks featuring meatless meals.

Alicia divorced her husband of 13 years, with whom she had been married for two years, two years ago. Silverstone’s ex-husband is the lead vocalist of the band S.T.U.N. The union resulted in the birth of Bear. The child has reached the age of nine.