Whoopi Goldberg, 67, talked about why she doesn’t have eyebrows. She said, “This is not a part of my body, and it is not a disease.”

Whoopi Goldberg makes a showing that stands out, mostly because her eyebrows are gone. Fans have always wondered why their favorite actor doesn’t have eyebrows. Some said she was sick, but the answer was much easier.

“This is not something about my body, and it’s not a disease either.” The actress said, “I just have a habit that goes back to when I was a child of pulling out all of my eyebrow hairs.”

The actor had little bumps on her cheeks when she was a child. During therapy, Whoopi’s mother shaved them off, and then Whoopi Goldberg did the same.

Later, the star realized that this had been her “highlight.” That’s why she wouldn’t change anything.Some people don’t know that I don’t have eyebrows. Whoopi Goldberg joked in an interview, “For example, my ex-husband.”

And what do you think of the habit of the pretty actress? Did you notice she didn’t have brows?