Won the Lottery of Genes! What Brendan Fraser’s sons look like

Brendan Fraser’s parts in “George of the Jungle” and “The Mummy” won him the love of his fans. He had a hard time in the rough world of Hollywood, but that only made his successes taste better. After many years, he made a successful comeback to the movies and even won a “Oscar” for it. Brendan’s kids were there for him every step of the way on this hard trip.

Not many people know that the star has more than one child, which is interesting. He has three kids, to be exact. Brendan Fraser’s kids don’t want to live in the public eye or in front of a camera, so they choose to live in the shadows.

But the actor’s two boys, Holden and Leland, went to an awards event to show their unwavering support for their father. Their appearance caused quite a stir because they looked just like their handsome father did when he was young.

The actor’s kids are different from each other in ways that set them apart. Holden has a strong body and a confident look that make him look rough and beautiful. On the other hand, Leland looks like he could be either a man or a woman because of his long red hair.

The crowd was very interested in this lovely family. Their oldest kid, Griffin, is kept from getting too much attention because he has autism. Griffin is surrounded by love and care at age 20, as his loving father likes to point out.