You can see everything: Kate Beckinsale wore a completely see-through dress with no underwear to the red carpet.

Kate Beckinsale is one of the few people who get more beautiful as time goes on. Age has no effect on her. When you look at pictures of this very pretty brunette, it’s hard to think she’ll be 50 years old next year.

There’s no doubt that Kate is proud of her beautiful looks and body, and rightly so. Her style usually has a sense of sexuality, appeal, and sometimes a hint of audacity. She might go out in a beautiful floor-length dress with a simple top, or she might wear a daringly showing dress to the delight of her fans. Kate also likes bohemian style, patterns with only one color, and fashionable accents.

Her outfit choices quickly become must-haves for fashion lovers all over the world. She recently showed off another outfit like this. Beckinsale wore an outfit to the Fashion Trust US Awards in Los Angeles that made everyone gasp and took the attention away from other celebrities.

Her Julien Macdonald see-through dress made quite a stir. It had interesting sleeves and glittering strings. The fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear added to her racy appeal. Even the most picky people couldn’t find a single thing wrong with Kate’s looks. Fans left a lot of loving comments on her new pictures.

Beckinsale is usually quiet about what she does to look good. Her sculpted body shows that she works out a lot, but she often jokes about it by calling herself a “stick with a round backside and a petite chest.”

Even so, Kate doesn’t force people to follow a strict diet. She used to avoid eating meat, but now she eats it again because the plant-based proteins she was eating weren’t giving her enough energy. Beckinsale likes sweets and eats desserts all the time.

She denies that she has had plastic surgery, but she does see beauty professionals often. Kate looks up to her mother, who is 70 years old but still looks young because she takes good care of herself.